Welcome to Wafel Lust!

Come and sample our deliciously authentic Belgian waffles, freshly ground locally roasted Cornish coffee, Belgian hot chocolates, and a selection of icy cold drinks.

You’ll be served from a professionally converted, environmentally friendly, vintage food vendor, with a 5* health rating. Keep an eye out for a flash of yellow and it’s likely you’ll have found us!

We use two Belgian waffle recipes: a Liege waffle; and a Brussels waffle. We are proud to say that they are freshly hand made and baked, with sugar and gluten free options, and both sweet and savoury toppings (locally sourced within Cornwall), just to keep every taste bud satisfied.

A delight for the whole family, Wafel Lust waffles can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert, and are served up with the finest Cornish and Belgian customer service. You can find us at select markets and festivals in the South West throughout the summer.

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